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Arrowyn Craban Lauer Graohic Designer

Arrowyn Craban Lauer

An artist and illustrator since the age of three, Arrowyn decided in 2000 to teach herself graphic design. After several months of experimenting she was invited to do the design and layout on an ambitious 4 CD compilation and accompanying 100-page hard cover book. After hurdling that, she was quickly hired on as a graphic assistant at Chris Molé Design, where 30 years of design techniques refined her, and she added many new tools to her design tool box. While at CM Design she taught herself web design and production, and cut her teeth on several web projects.

In 2004 she decided to go solo, and has been working freelance ever since, doing graphic design, book layout, illustration, web development, and tutoring. In addition, she is currently serving as the art director for a high end publication celebrating European folk traditions that has received world-wide acclaim, albeit in a small niche community!

Arrowyn takes great pride in her work, and feels that beauty is found in the details.

Who is Verdandi?

In Norse mythology, three women, called the Norns, shape the fabric of time. Similarly to the Greek Fates, they spin time's thread, weave the cloth, and cut it to shape. In this way the whole causal web of life is created.

Verdandi is the middle of the three sisters, and her name means “Present.” She weaves the NOW by gathering the past and intuiting the future. I emulate her in all of my work.